Transfer Station

Township administrators are requesting all Armstrong Creek residents to comply with current policies for the township dump and disposal site. The township will now require that the following policies be observed:

  1. The disposal site will receive only garbage/recyclables from personal property or business sites that are taxed in the legal areas of Armstrong Creek Township. Garbage/recyclables from homes/properties/businesses outside of Armstrong Creek Township will not be received. Any property owners found in violation of this policy may lose dump/disposal privileges at the Armstrong Creek Township disposal site.
  2. The windshield decal must be displayed on the windshield of the vehicle delivering any garbage or recyclable materials to the dump site. If the patron does not wish to affix the decal to the windshield then the attendant may ask to see the enclosed “Dump Pass Card” received in your tax statement as proof of taxes payed for the current year and township residency.

Please note that paying taxes on a property within the Armstrong Creek Township does not qualify the tax payer to deposit garbage or recyclables from a property from another township. There is a pressing need for our township to assure that garbage/recyclables received at the Armstrong site come only from properties within the township and that property taxes are current for those utilizing the Armstrong site. When this fundamental policy is ignored and garbage outside the township is delivered at our site, this places an unfair burden of disposal costs upon the township and citizens of Armstrong Creek.

For any questions regarding the Dump/Disposal site, please contact:

George Mazur

Phone: (715) 889-4075
Email: [email protected]