Community Center

The Armstrong Creek Community Center was built in the early 1980s and serves a wide spectrum of community needs including a variety of community meetings involving the monthly meetings of veterans, city officials, and other community related business meetings. The center also serves as a meeting place for the weekly meal program for senior citizens-an activity that necessitates the weekly use of the kitchen, public meeting area, and restrooms. In recent years, the community center has been the location for Polish Heritage Days that enjoys visitors from various parts of the county and many outlying areas.

The community center is regularly utilized for wedding receptions, funeral luncheons, graduation festivities and other general needs for the meeting public. It is not unusual for county/state meetings of one nature or the other to come our way. The center is also a polling site for local, county, state, and national elections.

Community centers are often the focal point of rural life in small communities. Apart from churches and schools, community centers are among the most heavily attended public facilities that experience a vast spectrum of activities vital to the collective experience of community life. Within the walls of these community facilities, we celebrate life and new beginnings, we gather for the common experience of a hearty meal, and occasionally celebrate a life well-lived and now passed from us. The business of community, county, and state often transpire and the warm vision of a better future for our citizens arises. Yes, out community center is an important place to us!

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